July 2, 2010

The day I had dreamed of...

I really have a hard time believing the wedding is over. After weeks it seems like just a dream. It was a wonderful day. I obsessed about that day for over a year and when the day finally came it was flawless. It was everything I had hoped for and so much more. If anything went wrong I didn't know about it because I had a wonderful coordinator taking care of me. So here is my short summary of the road to the wedding day.

I had a wonderful week of the wedding. I was off work and many of my closest friends came early on in the week and we were able to spend some quality time together doing last minute wedding things. We had pedicures together on Friday which was quiet relaxing. I was on cloud nine until Matt reminded me he was going to meet me at 2 with the candy for the candy bar at the reception site!!! OH NO I had already put the candy in the car which had been sitting out in the hot sun for over an hour while I relaxed getting my pedicure. After my small coronary, I realized that the candy by some miracle had not melted. I don't know how but the chocolate and everything was fine. That was a near disaster and it would have been all my fault. So glad things worked out.

Then we had rehearsal which no one mentions is stressful. Everyone wants to know exactly what you want and how you want things. At that point you are almost to the point where you aren't even sure anymore. Rehearsal went well and then it was home to try and sleep. I slept from like 11 to 1:30 then I was up until after 3. I tried to sleep in my bed then I tried the couch. There was no sleep in sight. I then decided facebook was the only answer. I finally got a few more hours in before having to wake up and be at the hair salon by 7. I was really tired but between my friends, family and a lot of Mountain Dew (the nectar of life), somehow I made it to the church. I ate snacks all day to keep my energy up but I had no idea what a marathon a wedding day could be. I mean I am a bit of a weeny as far a stamina. Then we took pictures forever!! But I know it will be all worth it once I see how awesome they turned out. I have seen several and I am very please.

The ceremony was wonderful. I felt like God put his seal of approval on our marriage. Richard's prayer was wonderful and the songs were just beautiful. It was an amazing feeling to know that I was going to finally be Mrs. McGuire!!! Matt and I were so happy and I think it showed in the pictures. We were beaming!! There is no other feeling like knowing you just married the most wonderful person you know!

Then we headed to the reception and on the way we took some pictures at the Louisville Rd bridge. They turned out great. Then we finally got to the reception. It was the most amazing feeling to walk into a room of all of your friends and family! I was in shock at what a rush it was to be announced at Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and see all of those people that you care about so much.

The reception was great the music was fun. The kids made it so awesome. They danced more than the adults. They were all so precious. I can't wait to see all of the pictures from our big day. I guess my next post will be about the honeymoon which was amazing. Will post soon!