October 26, 2009

Ceremony arrangements, Centerpieces, Candy bars and Cakes

The flowering branches are really awesome. I wonder what branches we could get in June?

I absolutely love this centerpiece!!!

I know I want a round cake just not sure what designs. I can't make up my mind on the cake for some reason.

I don't want a pink cake I just liked the scroll work design.

October 23, 2009


I love the ribbon-wrapped stems.

This is my favorite. I love the yellow center showing on this peony. the only thing I would change would be to add greenery to this.

The combination of open flowers and buds is very interesting.

The arrangement in the vase is a dahlia which I love. I am not sure if peonies are going to be in season for June 5th so I am considering dahlias as my substitute flower. Garden roses are also a option at this point (bouquet above). I am really excited about meeting with the florist. I guess I will do that in December along with 100 other things I need to be doing for the wedding. I am really going to enjoy picking out the flowers and containers to be used in my wedding. I can't wait!! On this rainy day it just makes me feel better to see these cheery flowers.

October 20, 2009

October Birthdays!!!!

The aftermath!!! So yummy.

We went to Franklin, TN to eat P.F. Chang's to celebrate our birthdays!!! This cake was called the Great Wall of Chocolate!

Loving his cake!

Matt's cake was a tribute to his favorite movie Forest Gump. "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get."

What a cute family!

My two favorite things! Matt and Flowers!

Mallory and her presents

Matt's sister, Mallory's birthday is the 16th so we celebrated Friday night. We all went to eat and then had presents and cake after. My birthday was Saturday the 17th which was a busy day. We had family pictures and a football game to attend so we didn't really have much time for anything else that day. Matt's birthday is coming up on Friday so it will be a weekend with more birthday fun. We are going to eat at PF Chang's and I am so excited! I love that place. I will post more pics after Matt's big day!

October 15, 2009

First time Blogger

Here goes nothing... I am trying something new today. I love Facebook and I noticed that a few of my Facebook friends have a blogspot. I had to check it out for myself. I have admired from afar for several months and now I am going to give it a try. One thing I have noticed rather quickly is that my blog does not instantly look nearly as cool as my friend's :( . I guess I will learn as I go. Another thing...I wasn't sure if it was a requirement that I have a baby to have one of these. They all have the cutest babies that they are able to add pictures of. I decided I can have a page without having a baby but my pictures just might not be quite as cute. I love to take pictures so I will be putting them to good use on this blog.