November 24, 2010

Since June...

A lot has happened since June. Matt has gotten settled into the house and I have attempted to do a little decorating. The kitchen finally has curtains and the guest bedroom, office and guest bath have been spruced up a little. I still need pictures and curtains but there is time for that.

One thing I really want to focus on during my time off in December is organizing. It seems like for only 2 people we still don't seem to have enough storage. I have a lot of wedding stuff that I can't bear to throw away that I need to find space for. I think I have it down to only a couple of totes which is impressive.

As I mentioned the kitchen has new curtain thanks to my awesome mother-in-law that can sew. Matt and I also took on the task of refinishing our dining room chairs and recovering the seat cushions. Well once again my mothering law came in handy. She helped me cover the cushions that turned out great. The Wooden chairs however are still not finished. It takes FOREVER to take the old varnish off of a single chair and we have 6. Then you have to stain it and finish it. The main thing we have left is to spray on the finish and I am hoping that is completed by Christmas. I think the chairs will be beautiful when they are finished. Grandmother will be so proud to know we are making use of her table and chairs. I think this will be rewarding to see new life come to an old dining set. The fabric I chose is a a colorful blend of blue and green. I can't wait until we finish this project!

Along with all of these projects Matt and I both celebrated birthdays in October! For the first time I was able to pick out a card from the husband section at the store which I thought was cool. We celebrated with both families which was fun. I think his favorite present was a ukulele and mandolin. He has been learning to play quiet a few new songs so I know that is exciting for him. Also we went to a Halloween party and Matt dressed like a redneck which was hilarious. I was Peyton Manning which wasn't near as exciting but was free since I already had the jersey.

Thanksgiving was great with both families. I made apple pies as my contribution to Thanksgiving. They turned out pretty well.

We also have decorated our house for Christmas in the last week which has been really fun. I love Christmas! It is definitely my favorite time of year. The inside and outside are both finished.

The day after Thanksgiving I decorated my Grandmother's tree and living room with the help of my cousin Chelsea. It was really good to spend this time with her. I remember so many fun holidays at my Grandmother's house. Our family has grown so much in the last couple of years we can't even all fit in her house anymore. Sometimes it is just really a blessing to think about all the wonderful memories you have with your family.

Last year during my time off for Christmas I went over and let her teach me how to make homemade fudge. I am looking forward to making candy with her again this year. I can't wait to see what she wants to make!